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How to Set Lock on GB WhatsApp Pro?

Is GB WhatsApp Pro Safe? Something You Need to Know About GB WhatsApp Pro.

Hi, my friends, are you using GB WhatsApp Pro? You may already know that GB WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of WhatsApp, which is very popular in the market. Excellent developers overcame the shortcomings of WhatsApp, improved the original features of WhatsApp, and also added some advanced features, so this GB WhatsApp Pro Mod was born!

Since GB WhatsApp Pro is a third-party application. It cannot be downloaded in the Google play center. Even if some users download it because of its irresistible charm, will they still vaguely worry about the safety of GB WhatsApp Pro? Will it be dangerous to my phone? Will my privacy be revealed?

gb whatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Official

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Now I will tell you if GB WhatsApp Pro is safe. After removing your doubts, you can decide whether to continue using GB WhatsApp Pro.

Malware intrusion

As mentioned above, GB WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of WhatsApp. It violates certain Google Play policies and therefore cannot be searched on Google Play. It is for this reason that you need to download GB WhatsApp Pro through a third-party application. And your mobile device needs to allow the installation of software from unknown sources. Unknown third-party sources are likely to carry malware viruses that can damage your phone if they are not detected by your phone device.

Account banned

WhatsApp does not allow the existence of modified versions on the market. GB WhatsApp Pro, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and other modified versions of WhatsApp are not available for download on Google Play. If the WhatsApp team detects you using its modified version, your WhatsApp account can be banned and even lost.

Privacy leak

There is no doubt that the mobile phone allows the installation of software from unknown sources, which is likely to bring the risk of privacy leakage. Maybe your private information may not be visible to others, but the team developing GB WhatsApp Pro is likely to know.

Maybe you ask since there are so many risks in GB WhatsApp Pro, why do people still download it? Yes, GB WhatsApp Pro is somewhat not safe. According to research data, GB WhatsApp Pro users have not encountered the above risks at present. This is because the developers have developed advanced protection features to protect users’ data and privacy that the original version of WhatsApp did not have. In this sense, GB WhatsApp Pro is advanced.

Moreover, my friend, please think carefully, when we use any software, it is accompanied by risks. No software developer can swear and say, “Download my application, bro, it is safe and reliable absolutely”

The charm of GB WhatsApp Pro is hard to ignore. If you want to experience a different style of WhatsApp and enjoy more advanced features, GB WhatsApp Pro is a great choice.

If you are interested in GB WhatsApp Pro, then you can try to download it. I will put a download link for the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro V9.60 APK below.

What is the GB WhatsApp Pro?Maybe you know some of its advantages

If you search for “GBWA Pro” on a search engine, I believe there will be many results. When you click on any link to browse,you’ll see it’s the Yankee Onsite Wastewater Association, or maybe a bakongo cosmogram. But GBWA Pro, which I introduce to you here, is an unofficial mod of WhatsApp. You can also call it GB WhatsApp Pro. It is a modified application of the official WhatsApp that provides more options to users than the original WhatsApp. Or you could say it’s an advanced version of the original app.

GB WhatsApp Pro has a wide range of themes and backgrounds for users to choose from. You can personalise all your chats, giving each one a unique background. Best of all, you can have a lot of emojis and stickers, the ability to send up to 700MB of video and a large number of -media files, as well as sending multiple images at once. GB WhatsApp Pro also has a built-in app lock, so you don’t need to download a third-party app to protect your data and privacy on WhatsApp.

gb whatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Official

Official Website:

Visit for more about GB WhatsApp Pro latest.

If you want to change the dull green theme of WhatsApp, you can download GB WhatsApp Pro. Follow these steps to easily customize the theme you want. You can also use photos from your own gallery as your chat backgrounds.

Apart from all the aesthetic improvements and new features, GB WhatsApp Pro works almost the same way as the original version of WhatsApp. In other words, GB WhatsApp Pro has all the features found on WhatsApp and is more advanced.

You can call any of your contacts, send text messages, voice messages, images, videos, and more. In GB WhatsApp Pro, you can send messages to unsaved numbers, and set who is not allowed to call you.

In general,We can replace the basic WhatsApp with this improved version according to the advantages of GB WhatsApp Pro.

If you are interested in GB WHATSAPP PRO, then you can click the link below to jump to the page to download it.

How to Download Status on GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a popular modded version of the standard WhatsApp messenger app. One of the most appealing features of GB WhatsApp Pro is the ability to download status updates, also known as stories, from your contacts. Status updates can include photos, videos, and text, and are only available for a limited time before they disappear. If you want to download status from GB WhatsApp Pro, there are a few simple steps to follow.

How to Download Status on GB WhatsApp Pro
  • Step 1: Install GB WhatsApp Pro

The first step to downloading a status on GB WhatsApp Pro is to install the app from our website. Once you have downloaded the APK file, go to your phone’s settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Then, open the APK file and install GB WhatsApp Pro on your device.

  • Step 2: View the Status

Once you have installed GB WhatsApp Pro, open the app and navigate to the Status tab. Touch on the status you wish to download to view it.

  • Step 3: Download the Status

To download a status, simply find the status you want to download. You can do this by long-pressing on the status and clicking the Download icon to Save the status.

save status
  • Step 4: View the Downloaded Status

After downloading the status, you can view it on File Manager or Gallery app. Sharing it with your friends or saving it to your phone’s gallery is also a good idea.

Downloading status updates on GB WhatsApp Pro is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. By following the steps, you can save your favorite status updates and enjoy them even after they have disappeared. WhatsApp Pro offers over 100 features that make even complicated tasks easier to accomplish. Maximize the benefits of GB WhatsApp Pro by using all the privileges it provides. Indulge in its features and advantages to the fullest extent possible.

gb whatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Official
Official website:
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How to Set Lock on GB WhatsApp Pro?

gb whatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Official

Completely Anti-Ban

Hide Online Status

4000 Engaging Themes

Ads-Free & Virus-Free

Support Dual Accounts

Hide Specific Chat

Official Website | New Update

Today screen locks provide a very important additional layer of security for your mobile device. Every time a user wants to unlock your device or open other software, they need to enter a password. But some extremely privacy-conscious WhatsApp users have doubts about this extensive screen lock and believe that their chat history is still at risk of being compromised and want an extra layer of security. A direct lock on the WhatsApp software would protect all the specific information inside. However, official WhatsApp does not yet have this feature. Fortunately, users can add an extra layer of protection with the built-in lock feature of GB WhatsApp Pro. So this article is to tell you how to set a Pattern, Fingerprint, or PIN lock on GB WhatsApp Pro.

GB WhatsApp Pro is the official WhatsApp exclusive modification that makes life easier and smarter. It’s not just a basic version of WhatsApp, it’s a software packed with hundreds of features. Now, you can follow the steps below to enable the built-in security lock and enjoy advanced security for your messages.

  • Step 1. Download and install the official APK file. Then verify your GB WhatsApp Pro account to log in.
  • Step 2. Open GB WhatsApp Pro on your device and click on the three-dot menu in the top right.
  • Step 3. In the drop-down menu select Settings and open Privacy and Security settings.
  • Step 4. Scroll down and locate Security, underneath it is the WhatsApp Lock option, move the toggle to turn it on.
security lock
  • Step 5. This will take you to the security lock interface screen.
  • Step 6. Underneath, you will be given the option to choose a pattern, a password, or a fingerprint to securely lock your GB WhatsApp Pro, so remember the password you have set.
  • Step 7. Finally, restart the GB WhatsApp Pro and you will find that the software will ask you to provide the password you have just set.

Official WhatsApp holds a lot of sensitive personal and work-related information. It is vitally important to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. To avoid others viewing the chat logs, it is essential to set a screen lock, not only that but also to take advantage of the built-in app lockin the advanced mod of WhatsApp—GB WhatsApp Pro. Using it to add an extra layer of password protection can give users extra peace of mind. GB WhatsApp Pro has many new features to enhance privacy protection and if you are interested in this, you can download it by clicking on the official button below.

GB WhatsApp Download