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How to Share Location on GB WhatsApp Pro?

How to Share Location on GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is one of the well-reviewed messaging apps worldwide. Users love it for its user-friendly interface, dependability, and a vast array of features. One of these features is the ability to share your location with your friends, families or whoever you want. This article will guide you through how to share location on GB WhatsApp Pro.

how to share location on gb whatsapp pro

As a modified version of the traditional WhatsApp app, GB WhatsApp Pro offers additional features and customization options. If you’re using GB WhatsApp Pro, you can easily share your location with others in just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Launch GB WhatsApp Pro and choose the chat or contact with whom you’d like to share your location.
  • Step 2: Tap on the “paperclip” icon to the left of the text input field.
  • Step 3: Select “Location” from the menu.
share location
  • Step 4: Choose whether you want to share your current location or a specific location by selecting the appropriate option.

Note: If you choose to share your current location: Tap on “Send your current location” to share your location in real-time. If you want the other person to keep track of your location: Choose “Share live location”, which will update your location as you move.

  • Step 5: Once you’ve selected the location, tap on “Send” to share it with your contact.

FAQs about Share GB WhatsApp Pro Location

Q1. How often does GB WhatsApp Pro live location update?

The live location feature on GB WhatsApp Pro updates your location every few seconds, so others can see your real-time location on the map. The frequency of updates may depend on your device’s GPS accuracy and internet connection. By default, GB WhatsApp Pro shares your live location for a duration of one hour, but you can also choose to share it for up to eight hours.

Q2. How long does my location stay visible to others on GB WhatsApp Pro?

Your location stays visible to others for a limited time that you can set. By default, it’s five minutes, but you can also choose to share your live location for a duration of 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours.

Q3. Is it possible to share my location with multiple people on GB WhatsApp Pro?

Absolutely, you can share your location with multiple individuals either by selecting multiple contacts or by sharing it in a group chat on GB WhatsApp Pro.

Wrapping up

That’s it! Your contact will receive a map with your location marked on it in their chat window. They can then click on the map to view it in more detail or get directions to the location if needed. It’s important to note that when you share your location on GB WhatsApp Pro, your contact will only be able to see your location for a limited time. After that time has passed, your location will no longer be visible to them.

In conclusion, sharing location on GB WhatsApp Pro is a quick and easy way to let others know where you are. If you want to inform people of your whereabouts, this feature is a boon. So the next time you’re using GB WhatsApp Pro, give it a try and see how easy it is to share your location!

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